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2m Spring Sprint

April 22nd, 2020 | Posted by admin in Hamradio

My plan was to drive to the Blueridge Parkway like I did last year during 70cm Fall Sprint at 6000ft elevation but due to the corona virus and stay at home orders in SC and NC I had to cancel this plan.
I still wanted to do some testing from the new house in EM95ac and so I installed the tripod from Buddypole and attached my duoband 2m / 70cm yagi to it. After a 100ft run of (not the best VHF) coax I connected it to my FT-991 with a little brick amp pushing 150W out.
I called CQ in SSB and FT8 and trying to make some skeds in ON4KST chat and I once in a while I was lucky with some QSOs, mostly in FT8. To turn the antennas I had to run thru the house, around the house to the garden, turn the antenna and all the way back to the station hoping the other station is still there. Somehow I managed 8 QSOs from 6 different grids, at least a bit better than my Fall Sprint from the company QTH last year. I guess having a little mast to get over the house and a small rotator I could certainly do 6m til 70cm. But for now this was just a portable setup and the house blocked some directions. Anyway, had fun again on VHF. Thanks for the QSOs and tries … I had 8 QSOs from 6 different grids and an ODX about 336 miles
Here is a picture of the antenna I used:

Duoband DK7ZB 2m / 70cm Yagi with 6 elements on 2m and 10 on 70cm

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