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New QTH, EM95ac

April 22nd, 2020 | Posted by admin in Hamradio

Like I wrote in my last post I’m moving from my apartment to a house. I was living in Greenville and now moved about 30 miles to Inman. It’s not having multiple acres on a hill 🙂 but some trees are around and I hope to have 1-2 wires permanently installed some day, but the house is down in a valley.
Just before NA SSB Sprint in April I installed 3 antennas into the trees and I left it there for future test’s. I’m planing to install a little ham shack in my office, using the Top Ten Device antenna switch outside to switch different antennas for testing. Time will show what could be a permanent installation. I’d like to have lots of bands covered but I don’t want to sacrifice to much on performance. During the last 2 years my portable installations were pretty good. These were simple wire antennas and they worked mostly okay. If I can get something similiar as a permanent setup, I’d be happy.
Here are some picture from my new QTH, there are 3 wires installed, try to find it 🙂
– 20m – 15m – 10m Kelemen trap dipole
– 40m GP with 3 elevated radials
– 50ft wire atached to 16 radials and a MFJ autotuner

Front view
Antenna supports, do you see the 3 antennas?

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