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April 22nd, 2020 | Posted by admin in Hamradio

I have not planned to play in this years CQ WPX, but a lots of mails were on our local Swamp Fox email reflector and it got me hooked at some point to at least give it a try for some hours. I set up 2 antennas, like I wanted to on the RTTY while my fiberglas mast broke. This time my antennas were a little lower because I still have no new fiberglas mast yet. I oriented ne 20m-10m trap dipol to EU at about 30ft and had a GP on the same mast with about 45ft to my MFJ tuner. I could only tune it on 80m and 40m, I had the dipole for 20m-10m and nothing for 160m, which is not that important in WPX but nice to have for some extra QSOs. I was ready with my setup and tuned the bands, I found 15m had some signals and once I listened to them it was mostly SA but some other accent as well. It was a VK talking to a ZL and they both were pretty loud on my dipole looking EU. I listened for a while and called in. We had a nice chat from SC to ZL for almost 10 minutes until the contest startet and I had my first QSO in WPX with Jacky, ZM1A. The contest bug bit me and it really got me interested. We may see some good condx on the weekend. I stayed on 15 and checked 10m and 20m, I lost time and QSOs but it was amazing to hear these bands active again. Once 10m and 15m were closed I worked a few JA and JT on 20m before going to the lowbands. As expected, 40m was fully loaded with very loud signals. The FT-991 did a great job, and I still can hear better even with the big signals covering smaller ones that others can copy me, maybe someday its time for an amp 🙂
I went to 80m and there were plenty of EU signals, loud and clear, no QRM. I called and they easily came back to me. I had more DX QSOs on 80m than on 40m after the first night. I had other commitments during Saturday and only came back to the station in the afternoon. The bands were more noisy and 80m was not that good as it was on Friday. On Sunday I called a bit CQ on 40m and got a nice run from the US with a good amount of multiplier even only a few points but worth the time and fun to do. I wanted to quit on Sunday but then looked at my score and thought I can do 1000 QSOs and even a million points so I stayed in the chair and tried to find some DX to bump up the points. I reached the million only a few QSOs shy of 1000 so threw in some more time until my QSO count was 4 digits.
Now it was time to close and dismantle the station again. I haven’t planned to stay so long but it really was fun 🙂

Claimed score CQ WPX SSB 2020

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