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SC QSO Party 2020

April 22nd, 2020 | Posted by admin in Hamradio

This was my first SC QSO Party. It was fun to operate, feels like WAG for German stations when you are the “DX”. As I have no experience with state QSO party’s and whats the best antenna and strategie I just jumped in and tried to maximize QSO and fun. I setup online reporting and compared with my Swamp Foxes in SC. I set up a T-antenna for 160-40m and my 20m-10m trap dipole at only 16ft, from the broken fiberglas pole.
The party startet and I was behind WN4AFP at the beginning until I realized you have to be on 40m, not on 20m to get a good run with my antennas. I was in SSB while Dave was in CW for doubble the points and I had to work hard to fight the gap during the first few hours but I came closer and closer until I finaly got him. As all mode means you can have SSB, CW and digital I jumped from band to band and from mode to mode. There was a RTTY contest starting in the evening and some were testing before so I could get more multiplier in, once the RTTY contest startet I tried to combine both reports in my messages so the QSO will count for me and also the other stations. As the lowbands got better it was more fun, the 20-10m dipol is not to bad but it’s to low in this configuration and its easier to contact others on 40m and 80m. I tried 160m from time to time but it was just good about 1,5 hours before the contest was over. I had problems with my tuner on 80m, it would not save the L/C configuration once it was tuned and after some minutes I had to retune the antenna again. 160m was also not easy to tune as always, I have to try a different length some day.
I had fun working the SC QSO Party and I´m looking forward to the next one. It really is a fun contest, you can announce your QRG where you are clling CQ to maximize QSOs and you can see how much a spot is worth, once you´re announced. It was nice to be called by OM2VL on all bands from 160m-20m in all modes, even 160m SSB.

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