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Stew Perry Top Band Challenge

January 15th, 2020 | Posted by DJ8OG in Hamradio

This year I wanted to try some 160m with an antenna I had in mind. So I build a T-vertical about 17m tall and 2x 13m topload. Attached it to some radials and my MFJ 993brt tuner. I had to work on the Stew Perry weekend but I tried it for 4 hours on Saturday night. When I got QRV it was already dark and I tuned from bottom to the top. I couldn`t believe when I heard the first EU signals. At first I didnĀ“t even tried to call them and just made a list of DX stations which I heard. After I heard so many signals from EU I tried to call them as well and they came back to me. WOW 160m is open. While tuning the band I stopped calling US and focused on EU. Some where very easy some took a while but I was totally flashed to work EU on topband with this setup. I mostly tuned the band up and down but once in a while I tried to call some CQs. My CQs were just heard in NA but made some nice stateside contacts as well.
Too bad I had to work on Sunday and needed some rest and sleep. But these 4 hours were really fun. My 2 ODX were into KN85 (RW7K) and KN86 (US1Q) with 19 points each QSO.

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