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December 11th, 2019 | Posted by admin in Hamradio

This time I decided to go single band in CQWW CW. I wasn’t sure if 20m or 40m and went with 40m. I prepared a 40m tripple leg attached to my fiberglas pole. A fried printed me an adapter so I could extend the bigger pole with some elements of my broken smaller pole. I fed the GP at 7m above the ground sloping the 3 elements to about 3-4m down.
During the SSB part I was very disapointed with my 40m score, I think QRM was just to high to be heard with a multi band GP and 100W in DX. CW should be easier. I hoped to get 100 DXCCs and 400-500 Qs. Working into Europe was pretty easy, but during my sunrise it was hard to get heard in Asia.
Conditions were okay but I couldn’t really run at a good rate so made mainly S&P. Also I didn´t stayed on all night, around 0-1 utc I shut down and came back about 1-2 hours before sunrise and again about 1-2 hours before sunset. I got some JA and AS and OC multiplier in the log but not the amount of QSOs I was hoping for. On Sunday evening I had about 1 hour QRM which wiped the band totally out during sunset.
I heard a lot stations which couldn’t copy me even when they just called CQ, mostly in BY, UA9, UA0 and some pile ups were to big to break. After about 20 hours I ended up with 485 QSOs and 121 mults, with a GP and 100W from the FT-991. I discovered the first time that the FT-991 had RX problems with very strong stations next to smaller signals. Couldn’t pull them out of the QRM when the strong station was very close, not sure if you can blame the FT-991 for it as it really served me well up to now.
Next year I might go allband to improve my DXCC slots, there were so much to work 🙂 in this one
Here are some pictures from the weekend

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