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CQWW CW preparation and SSB Sweepstakes

November 18th, 2019 | Posted by DJ8OG in Hamradio

At the weekend we had pretty good weather and I wanted to prepare a new antenna for CQWW. I decided to do 40m assisted low power. Wasn’t sure if I want to install a vertical delta loop or a GP with elevated radials. I decided the GP is easier to install and so I ordered some wire at the wireman.
But let me start from the beginning, I updated my ham computer to Win 10 some days ago, everything was OK until Saturday (including the download of Win10 had no ext. drive availlible to save it) morning when an Update crashed my system. I couldn´t recover, even with the windows tools and as I only have a Win 7 DVD I had to install all again. I installed it 3x on Saturday but with this way I was able to recover all my ham stuff mainly the log files from all my calls. They are also on Clublog but recently send some QSL and the status was not updated yet. Anyway all files are recovered and now I have a clean install of Win 10. Not everything is running but N1MM+ and FT-991 know each other already 🙂
While installing and testing CAT and CW keying I thought about updating the FT-991 firmware. It gave me a hard time but finally figured it out, updated all but the C4FM firmware – I never used C4FM yet. Once Win 10, contesting program with FT-991 was OK it was to late to build the 40m antenna.
On Sunday morning I soldered the wire to the SO-239 connection plate, cut the wires (a bit longer), took both fiberglas poles and drove to my company. I installed the antenna per rough calculation at the beginning of 40m. Once the antenna was installed it was about 350khz to long, so I cut it a bit and found it resonant enough in the lower portion of the band.
The feeding point is about 7m above ground and the three radials slope down to 3-4m almost 120° apart. For CQWW I need to guy the top section as it bend pretty heavy even with little wind, the extension might be to heavy on the top.
Once SWR was adjusted I took my KX3 and tuned the band, heard lots of stations on 40m calling CQ Sweepstakes. I listened to them and looked up the rules and then started to call them. It was pretty easy to get thru if nobody else was calling on 40m but with 5W I was happy with everybody hearing m. As I tuned from the beginning of the voice portion to the end I found a clear frequency and called some CQ, it took a while but I was also heard and a few stations came back to me. After a while I tried 15m and found some westcoast stations, even KP2 and KH6 came into my log. Once I tuned 15m I QSY´ed to 20m. On 20m the internal tuner had to work a lot and it was hard to get heard. I logged all QSO on paper and didn´t want to do the dupe check on 40m but also I wanted to make 50 QSOs so I stayed on 20m until I reached 50.
I took the antenna down and its ready to be installed on Friday evening for CQWW. I´ll try “Single OP Single Band Low Power Assisted” 🙂 what a class. Hope the band and the antenna works better than in the SSB part

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