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November 18th, 2019 | Posted by DJ8OG in Hamradio

This was my first CQWW from the US. As I have no permanent station I installed my portable setup at my company again. I decided to make the antennas a bit different from my regular fast and easy install to maximize efficiency. I extended the 12m fiberglass pole to 17.5m and attached a 26m inverted L to a radial system attached to my automatic tuner, MFJ-993brt. I used the L-shape for 160m and 80m and sometimes on 40m but mostly I folded the L back and used only the vertical on 40m. On Friday at the beginning I started with that configuration but had only little success on 20m and I had an idea. I took a break took the pole down, attached a 3-band trapped dipole (20-15-10) at about 12m and installed the antenna again. It was already dark but it was an easy install and once I had the dipole it was easier to get heard. I compared it during the contest between the dipole and the long GP on the higher bands and mostly the dipole was better. The dipole was pointing to EU almost the hole contest except Sunday afternoon when I already took down the L-antenna I gave it a different direction to point more South for SA / Caribbean Islands.
I was Single OP low power – classic. So no DX Cluster and I tuned the VFO very hard up and down the bands 🙂 I tried 2-3 times to call CQ with very little success so felt back into tuning. The bands were so crowded on 40m and 20m that it was hard to get heard with the small setup and just 100W. On 15m the band opened both days to Europe and even on 10m I made it into Africa and some Caribbean Island.
The 24 hour format is very relaxing, I´m just missing the DX-cluster to collect some new DXCC, will do that during the CW part.
I had fun tuning the bands and finding lots of friends even the had a hard time fishing me out of the QRM, I mostly heard the fine with the FT-991. That little radio really played well in the big QRM.
Thanks for all QSO, hope to hear you in next one again

Vertical and the trap dipole, the L is folded back to the base

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