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70cm Fall Sprint 2019

October 10th, 2019 | Posted by admin in Hamradio

Yesterday was the 70cm part of the Fall Sprint. I was already active on 6m and 2m and also wanted to do so on 70cm. I recognized the QRL QTH offers some advantages like power, A/C, seating etc but when it comes to VHF or UHF its all about QTH 🙂
As the weather got better I decided to go in the field, out of the comfort zone and up to the mountains, HI. I choosed the same QTH which I activated already with Gary during CQWW VHF this year. After QRL I drove about 2.5h up to North Carolina, arrived about 35 minutes before the contest started. Got ready with the setup just in time. My RIG was a Yaesu FT991 with 50W into a 10 element 70cm antenna (Duoband 2m & 70cm).
This was the first time 70cm SSB / CW from the US, I didn´t know what to expect on a normal week day. I listened on the calling frequency, turned the antenna and still heard nothing, so I called CQ and got some replies. Every now and then I turned the antenna a few degree and called again.
The internet service is very bad up there, I tried to connect to the ON4KST chat but I couldn`t establish a good connection with my phone. So I was on my own, I logged on my phone as I didn´t brought a laptop and forgot the paper 🙂 . Only SSB and CW but no CW replies to my calls. After 2.5h I had 9 stations from 8 different grids in my log and decided to go QRT. My ODX was 390km (244miles) into Alabama, I also worked TN, NC, SC and GA.
After 30 minutes everything was back in the car and I was on my way back to Greenville.
It was a nice evening on 6000ft, once the sun was gone it was a bit chilly and it got more and more hummid.

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