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September 30th, 2019 | Posted by DJ8OG in Hamradio

I had to work this weekend but also wanted to be part of CQWW RTTY. I thought about single band 40m or 20m but it both interfered with my work on Sunday. So I choosed “Single OP All Band Low Power – Classic”, I still don´t have an amplifier and I thought if I don´t knew about any mults or rare station than I´m not so upset not getting em into the log 🙂 and 24 hours fitted quite good in my rest weekend. I had no plan at the beginning, just wanted to have some fun and do a few hundred QSOs, maybe some new DXCC. Friday night was a good start, got JA, ZL and VK on 20m, not much, just the one of each for the mult be hey, 100W and a GP with a tuner. Worked until EU sunrise and hoped for a good opening but it was more an american QSO party. Almost no DX and I shut down for the night and came back at noon. Worked thru the day until almost midnight, mostly NA and SA, very little DX but made 575 QSOs. On Sunday I came back before sunrise and worked some lowbands, Bill – N4IQ told me he did it on Saturday with some nice DX, I did it on Sunday. Main premise was 80m westcoast mults as I thought they are the easiest mults but also found V31MA, HQ9X and others on 80m, tried some 40m but not much luck. I went on to 20m and found some EUs, cool finally some improvement but I had to go QRT for work. But a few minutes … some Q´s, so I tried 40m again during daylight and found loud DX signls from Oceania and they heard me :-o, yeah, VK, ZL check! I had a break on QRL in the afternoon so did my last 4 hours of operation from 3pm to 7pm, it was slow. But I found some 10m and 15m SA signals, more than I could contact but the band was open (reminder for me – need a better antenna, more power!). I tried 40m at 5pm as 20m didn´t gave new QSOs and found some light EUs, they didn´t heard me but almost 3 hours to sunset wow conditions got better. EU got louder at 6pm (22utc) and they finally heard me!!! I struggled to get over 300k points before EU and then … 1 hour later with lots of new mults and 334.800 points with 755 QSOs after 24 hours of operation. I expected more points but due the lack of DX I´m happy with the result.
Check out https://contestonlinescore.com/ a very nice website, not as popular as http://cqcontest.net/ I post my claimed scores on both webpages using N1MM+
Hope to see you in 4 weeks on phone!

Installing the Antenna, Friday evening
Exending Spiderbeam Mast – MFJ 993BRT Tuner
Contest Dinner 🙂
OP position – QRL desk
Taking antenna down on Sunday

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