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September 25th, 2019 | Posted by DJ8OG in Hamradio

I did some smaller activities during the last weeks. As WAE is one of my favorite contest I was active during WAE CW as NU4E and also from the remote station in DL.
I wanted to try a 40m loop to gain a few db more than just using my multiband GP with a tuner. Home depot was my supplier 🙂 and the antenna worked great but it was hard to install it by myself. So next time I might use the GP again.
After WAE CW I looked forward to the 6m sprint, its a 4 hour contest. I assembled the 6m yagi and the portabel mast from Buddipole for the first time. As I have no rotator I need to walk outside in order to turn the antenna. Conditions were not good and I only made 5 QSOs. 4 tropo and 1 meteor scatter to W2.
Gary, W4EEY, asked me if we want to do WAE SSB at his station. He did a great job preparing the station for multi single but conditions were really not good from the US to EU so we gave up on Saturday noon. But as WAE SSB is THE contest 🙂 I activated the remote station a little bit beside other things on Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday afternoon I went to my company and installed my multiband GP again and worked some EU´s on 20m before the band died. So I had 3 calls from 2 continents active during WAE SSB.
Two days ago was the 2m sprint, Monday 7pm to 11pm. I was about 2.5 hours in the contest. Did some SSB and FT8 QSOs, also I tried meteor scatter but couldn´t finish a QSOs. I really need a better QTH for VHF, but here is a comfortable place with AC, power etc.
In two weeks is the 70cm part from the Sprint, Wednesday from 7pm to 11pm. I might be active for 1-2 hours to see the activity on 70cm, but my station is pretty small and range is limited.
Here are some pictures from my recent activities:

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