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10m from EU to the US

July 27th, 2019 | Posted by DJ8OG in Hamradio

Yesterday was a nice 10m opening from Europe to the US. DK6SP texted me if I´m aware of the opening between DL and the US eastcoast. As I don´t have a station in SC I started the station in Germany and tried to see what I can hear.
I found Philipp at DK0ED on 10m, he´s about 300km south of me and he worked europe. Pointing the antenna directly to him was a bad idea but at about 240° I could copy him quite good. He heard me and we had a little chat. Then we both tried to make some contacts.
I called in CW and had two DX spots in reverse beacon but no response to my CQ and nobody else in CW.

Reverver beacon snapshot 11:26pm in DL

I tuned the SSB part again but just heard Europe at this time and I QSY’ed to FT8 to see what I could decode.
Like expected, lots of stations over there and also lots of DX. I called some stations from the eastcoast and got good reports back. They were also pretty good and easy / fast to decode so I QSY’ed again to SSB and called CQ. Got an answer from WG3C from MD. He was pretty light at the beginning but came up to S5 and R5. Nice to copy you George! But after this QSO again no response so I tried FT8 again and there were plenty of stations to work. Some QSOs were initiated but not finished due to the QSB I believe.

DJ8OG decodes in FT8 on the US Eastcoast at almost 1am in DL in the morning

I stayed most of the time in FT8 and called CQ or answered CQ’s but once in a while checked SSB. W2RE with his nice 8x 8x 8 element was S5 on my 160m OCF antenna, when I switched to the TH11 we was almost S9+20dB. Nice to talk to you Ray. He recorded the opening live to Facebook, have a look at his video. I guess this was a remote to remote QSO 🙂 and the distance to Maine from SC would be easier to work with a piece of wire on the balcony, but hey … 10m is fun.
At this point I tuned to 6m FT8, with my 160m OCF dipole again, and decoded a copple of US stations, I also tried to call them but as expected no answer. Too bad, would have been nice to work 6m on the magic band, but without a real antenna … BUT you never know
W4GOG called me in SSB, he came back and said he´s from SC. I looked at the map and he´s just 50 miles away from me but the distance we spoke yesterday was a bit more. SC to DL (internet, remote) – DL to SC 10m HF 🙂

Overall a nice opening yesterday and the 4th 10m to the US opening I was aware of in the last weeks. This was a bit easier as I’m now also in FT8 QRV, the other opening I could only do low power CW and SSB. I worked 15 US stations yesterday night (12x FT8 and 3x SSB) before I shutdown the station. The band wasn’t totally closed at that time, 2am in DL and at the sunspot minimum!!!
That was fun, thanks for all QSOs
73 Matt – DJ8OG – NU4E

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